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Try dialing the combination again. Bolt pressure may be due to out of place interior shelves or improper personal storage i. Redial the complete combination stopping at "0" before reaching "87". Hold dial on "0" while rattling the handle left and right. Then turn the dial right until it stops at about "87". The combination number may have shifted slightly during shipping. Try dialing 1 up or 1 down from each number in the combination. If it opens with a new number, update your combination in this book and report it to Liberty Safe , Press 0. Verify that the key-lock is unlocked jagged edge of key will be facing up before attempting to turn dial.

Bolt pressure may be due to out of place interior shelves or improper personal storage. Make sure the door is completely closed and the locking bolts are in the fully extended position. Normally dial tightness varies from safe to safe. Tightness of dial may increase or decrease as dial is being turned. Verify that the dial has completely stopped turning to the right on or about "87" before turning the handle. Corner protectors packaging material may cause undue pressure on the locking bolts. To alleviate the pressure push in on the door while pulling out and turning the handle to open the safe.

If the handle turns partially the bolts may be jammed or caught up.

Economic Liberty

Try rotating the handle back and forth left to right until the bolts free up. Use a cotton cloth and light oil to rub each chrome locking bolt on the open and hinge side of the door. Verify that the handle has been completely rotated in the open position before opening the door.

Check the Allen set screw located on the front center of handle under sticker or side of the handle hub for tightness. Some safes are installed with a unique handle clutch mechanism. Improper personal storage or over tightening the door adjusting mechanism may cause the clutch to temporarily engage. Try pushing in on the door while pulling out and turning the handle. You may have to repeat this step several times until door is open.

Adjust Door.

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If a student is caught doing this it will result in suspension. This strict rule is to keep all students safe.

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Sydney Bishop , Guest Contributor February 21, What some students may think is nothing more than a kind act of courtesy could lead to an in school suspension. Never encouraged, the opening or propping of doors on campus for anyone, including students, is an offense that can lead to consequences students may not know about.

In addition to the requirement students wear ID badges at all times on campus, the door enforcement policy is rooted in campus security. Sophomore and drill team line member Medha Gupta has first hand experience with the policy and possible consequences. An ISS also would get me benched in drill team.

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School resource officer Hubbard believes that the most threatening thing about opening doors for people may not be the person that one is letting in, but their intentions. Making another student walk to the front of the school may seem unnecessary, but Harris states that there are protocols students need to follows. Wingspan intends for this area to be used to foster healthy, thought-provoking discussion. Comments are expected to adhere to our standards and to be respectful and constructive.

As such, we do not permit the use of profanity, foul language, personal attacks, or the use of language that might be interpreted as libelous. Comments are reviewed and must be approved by a moderator to ensure that they meet these standards. Wingspan does not allow anonymous comments and requires the person's first and last name along with a valid email address.

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The email address will not be displayed but will be used to confirm your comments. To see our full Comment Policy, visit libertywingspan. Name required. Other times, the majority lets the minority in, resulting in a more pluralistic public square. Either way, though, the result is clearly preferable to a public square dominated entirely by Christianity. This month, the Supreme Court will likely uphold a foot high World War I monument in the shape of a cross on public land in Maryland.

The court clearly fears that striking down the cross will result in Christian monuments being bulldozed across the nation. But what we've learned from TST and other minority groups is that the choice between leaving up such monuments and totally destroying them is a false one.

Congressional Testimony

A decision striking down the cross would instead invite the government to designate the public lands around Christian displays as forums for private expression, thus allowing minority groups to place their own monuments near the Christian ones and facilitating religious pluralism in the place of established Christianity. Such a solution would of course be messy, resulting in a kind of public religious cacophony, but it would be fairer, more equal, and far truer to the state of religious diversity that actually exists in our non-Christian nation.