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His shaved head and hulking frame give him the vibe of a Jewish Vin Diesel.

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At his side, he keeps an unmuzzled, unbelievably vicious Belgian shepherd named Django. Near Tel Aviv, Israel. March The aftermath of a bus assault by P. N does not discount less magnanimous reasons for cooperating, however.

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First, YAMAM has devised new methodologies for responding to terrorist incidents and mass shootings, which it is sharing with its counterparts across the globe. More on this shortly. And yet, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a Sayeret Matkal veteran, had to quietly designate one unit to be the national counterterror A-team, he chose YAMAM over his old contingent, which specializes in long-distance reconnaissance and complex overseas missions.

But as Hamas has continued to organize protests along the fence that separates Israel and Gaza, I. While members of the YAMAM have participated in these missions as well, they have largely played a secondary role. Off and on for a year, I followed N and his team as they traveled, trained, and exchanged tactics with their American, French, and German counterparts on everything from retaking passenger trains to thwarting complex attacks from cadres of suicide bombers and gunmen firing rocket-propelled grenades.

Avi Dichter agrees wholeheartedly.

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After serving in Sayeret Matkal, he joined the Shin Bet and in rose to become its director. For years, he admitted, counterterrorism officials shared only a portion of their most sensitive intelligence with covert operatives, out of fear of its being compromised. The N. Because terrorism, like technology—and sometimes because of technology—is constantly evolving. Over the last 15 years, we at D. The conventional wisdom for how to deal with fast-moving terrorist incidents has evolved over time, most notably in hostage situations.

Similar principles were adapted for reacting to kidnappers, emotionally disturbed individuals, and mass-casualty incidents. There is a golden window in which to intervene and throw all their energy and resources at the problem. While units in the U. They send a hospital to ensure survival on scene. Moreover, they establish mobile units with clear lines of authority, not an array of groups with competing objectives. These teams can rove and respond, and are not unduly tethered to a central command base. The other part is to stop the dying.

How do you then set parameters inside as the people are chasing the threat, going after the sound of gunfire, engaging the gunman? How do you get to those people who are wounded, who are still viable, who could survive? They try to be better than us. To maintain its edge, YAMAM, after analyzing far-flung incidents, fashions its training to address possible future attacks.

Taking it all in, I felt like I had unwittingly been cast as an extra in a Michael Bay movie. As they briefed their European guests, the YAMAM team preached its gospel of never allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

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You must come inside very fast because there are terrorists that are killing hostages every minute. Dimona, Israel.

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In , during the Summer Olympics in Munich, members of the Palestinian group Black September kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli teammates. And though it may have escaped public attention, a secret second directive would go forth as well, which ordered the establishment of a permanent strike force to deter or defeat future attacks. Sayeret Matkal raced to the scene and mounted a disastrous rescue attempt. Twenty-one students perished. Following the attack, counterterrorism responsibilities—especially the delicate art of hostage rescue—shifted from the I. Chronically underfunded, ostracized by the military, and deemed an unknown quantity by the intelligence services, the unit was a backwater.

That is, until Assaf Hefetz was put in charge. He was a well-regarded I.

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  • Hefetz professionalized YAMAM, persuading skilled soldiers to join his new police commando unit—whose work was a secret to all but a handful of Israelis. In May, I visited Hefetz, aged 74, in the seaside hamlet of Caesarea and found a man with the body of a year-old and the hearing of a year-old. Like many of his generation of Israelis, he speaks his mind without regard for how his words may land. At , as American Flight 11 flew west over Amsterdam, N. According to information from the Federal Aviation Administration, United Flight did not deviate from its flight plan until it hit northern New Jersey.

    It then turned and flew almost due south before turning again and flying north to Manhattan. On board one of the two American flights, an official said, a flight attendant made a desperate call to the airline's operations center, apparently using a cellular telephone. A hijacker had broken into the cockpit. The flight attendant knew the seat number of one of the hijackers, but apparently was unable to clarify much of what was going on, including the number of attackers.

    On board American Flight 77, Barbara Olson, a conservative television commentator, called her husband from a cellular telephone and said simply, ''We're being hijacked. Olson said two hijackers, armed with knives and a box cutter, had herded a pilot, flight attendants and most of the 58 passengers into the back of the plane.

    The indication that at least some of the pilots may not have been at the controls when the planes crashed led some terrorism experts to speculate that the hijackers had some flight training. But two commercial pilots who train others to fly jets said that turning a big jet into a building would require some aviation skill, but not a great deal.

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    It's not as though you have to have any particular knowledge of flight-control systems. Aviation experts noted that the cockpits of the two Boeing aircraft, the and the , are virtually the same. Some time in a flight simulator, or even with a computer software program, might have been training enough to accomplish the terrorists' goal, they said.

    Another question that remains unanswered is how much the authorities knew about the hijackings as they unfolded. But in Pennsylvania, an emergency dispatcher reported receiving a cellular telephone call from United Flight 93 from a passenger locked in one of the bathrooms of the The airplane was ''going down,'' the man said, shortly before it crashed in a field about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

    While the authorities would say almost nothing about the apparent planning of the attacks, terrorism experts said it was likely that they had taken months or even years to prepare. In order to overcome airport security, it is probable that the terrorists had teams of people in each of the cities where the planes took off.

    The history of terrorism suggests that they would have conducted careful surveillance to determine the nature of the security measures at the airports, the operations of the airlines and the reliability of their schedules. Benjamin said. Several terrorism experts said the attacks immediately recalled Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, the man convicted in of leading terrorist cells that plotted attacks on American targets in the United States and abroad. Because Mr.

    Yousef had managed to organize the bombing of the World Trade Center with a loosely knit and poorly trained group of comrades, officials had tended to discount other plans he had: for complex, coordinated attacks, and blowing up commercial jetliners. Cannistraro, a former counterterrorism official at the Central Intelligence Agency.